Grumpiest Old Man | Happy Birthday Eric!
Not only is the weather simply smashing today but there is another event taking place that many of you may be unaware of…What’s that you ask? Our head honcho and master architect is celebrating a birthday! Nobody likes getting old … Continued
1004 days ago
Re-Bloggins | Crew.
Found this nugget via today from none other than Bobby Hundreds. Stressing the importance of people over products/profits. Give it a read if you have a free moment today.
1060 days ago
I'm Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today | MODA3 Private Label 'Clerk Pack'
Hot off the silk screen press…We have just received a shabuddle of MODA3 private label t-shirts! Deemed the ‘Clerk’ pack, our most classic designs have been colored up by our fine, young shop clerks.
1141 days ago
Soles for Souls | Keylo's Donation
For those of you who haven’t heard, MODA3 is participating in the Soles for Souls Shoe Drive. Soles for Souls is a non-profit organization that gets your lightly used kicks out of the back of your closet, and on the … Continued
1315 days ago
Internationally Known! | Keylo's Rise To The Top…
As many of you may know Eric aka Keylo has recently taken up part time work with The Hundreds fulfilling their rep void here in the midwest. So not only is he busy with MODA3 but also juggling his duties … Continued
1353 days ago