A Year Older…A Year Wiser | Happy Birthday Mike
Today we celebrate the birth of our in-house graphic designer, Michael! Mike rolls with the shop part-time while he holds down his gig as a tattoo artist at Cutthroat on Brady St. If he's not tattooing or making funny noises here at the shop, he's probably exploring or collecting somewhere in his Bayview neighborhood. If you happen to see Mike out this weekend, make sure you buy him a beer and maybe he'll tell you your fortune or let you stroke his beard!
1399 days ago
Age Is Just A Number | Happy Birthday Keylo!
Today is a great day for the MODA3 family as we celebrate the 34th trip around the sun of our main man Keylo! For those that don't know, Keylo is our manager, leader, and overall brains behind the operation. Down since day 1, Keylo bleeds MODA3 and to this day continues to do what he loves! If you see him out this weekend, make sure to wish him a Happy Birthday!
1407 days ago
On The Come Up | Happy Birthday Mike
It’s a party! That’s right…we are celebrating the birth of crew member Mike on this glorious day! Today marks his 27th year in existence and he couldn’t be happier about it (other than being at work). He will spend the … Continued
1765 days ago
Depends Around The Bend | Happy Birthday Jake!
Today marks the 28th trip around the sun for OG shop homie Jake aka Angry J! Not only has he been around since the early days of MODA3 but he is also 1/3 of the Kuester brother trifecta responsible for … Continued
1908 days ago
My Back Hurts | Happy Birthday Poco!
We all get old…it’s just a fact of life. However it’s how we age that can really define us. Some folks think because they are 24 and their friends are married, having kids, buying houses and such that they should … Continued
1919 days ago