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Two Up | NikeSB Blazer Mid
Fresh off the heels of their latest video project featuring Australian team riders Nick Boserio & Alex Campbell NikeSB has cooked up a special Zoom Blazer Mid to commemorate it. The creamy white canvas shoe takes its name from the popular Australian coin game TWO UP which is emblazoned on the heel of both.
922 days ago
Know Your Air | History Of Air Max In Ads
Check out the evolution of Air Max through old Nike print ads...
943 days ago
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3.26 | Nike Air Max Day
The Nike Air Max is pretty much a household name at this point. Almost everyone from you to your mother, brother, and sister have probably owned a pair of Nike Air Max shoes at some point. Nike has deemed this Wednesday, March 26th to be National Air Max Day. Wear your air!! To celebrate they'll be dropping 3 fresh pairs including two updated versions of the Air Max 90, and a more classic looking Air Max 1, the one that started it all.
944 days ago
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Customize It | From The Factory To You
Watch this cool video from New Balance featuring their shoe kiosk located in their New York flagship store. The kiosk allows you to create your very own pair of US made 574's from the ground up. Similar to the NikeID concept New Balance lets you pick materials, colors & accents. Check it out here then browse our entire selection from New Balance HERE.
952 days ago
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Socially Conscious | Vans X Della
Vans has teamed up with Della to create a series of amazing, one-of-a-kind footwear...Check it out here to find out more about the project!
972 days ago