Magic Carpet Ride | Ultimate Board & Binding Combos

Studying up on loads of snowboard tech isn’t something most have the time or desire to decipher. Luckily we’re experts on all the latest jargon and have eliminated the guessing game for you by piecing together some of our ultimate set ups for you. Take a second to get learned and check out what makes these setups so ultimate. We have options from our most coveted brands like Capita, Union, and Burton. Check em out online or stop in and chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staffers.

Burton Hate


The Burton Hate was introduced into the line a couple years ago as one of the go-to boards for anyone looking for the perfect park stick at a reasonable price.  It’s got tons of flex, a perfectly flat base to keep your edge right, and new for this year, the Hate includes the channel as well! Throw a pair of the NEW Bootlegger bindings on this for the ultimate butter setup.  The Rampant is the perfect boot for this combo as well.  Lightweight, lots of flex, and plenty of cushion!

Burton Whammy Bar

Malavita EST/Ambush$420/$290/$240

Burton went all out this year with their collaborations.  One of the best is the Whammy Bar model which features different Pink Floyd album graphics on the top sheet! Picture the Whammy Bar as your step-up from the Hate.  The Whammy Bar features V-Rocker technology, Mid Spoon between your bindings so you won’t catch any edges on that epic boardslide, and as always, a little bit lighter! Malavita EST bindings include Burton’s latest HInge technology, which allows your binding to rock on the base, letting you stick those presses and hold them as long as you need to.  The Ambush is a shop favorite.  It’s one of the lightest boots Burton makes with the Speed Zone lacing system.  You won’t be disappointed!

Burton Custom Restricted


The Custom model continues to be the best selling board in Burton’s line.  Graphics on this model never get crazy due to the wide variety of people that buy this board.  But this year with the Restricted program in effect, Burton was able to do a Restricted Custom featuring their collaboration with the Muppets.  Restricted product is only sold in core snowboard shops and not online so if you’re feeling this model then scoop it before it’s gone!  Cartel bindings continue to be the best match for any Custom.  The ultimate go-anywhere binding will never let you down.  Same with the Restricted Ruler boot, a solid boot that isn’t too soft but not too stiff either.

Burton Lipstick

Lexa EST/Mint$480/$260/$160

Ladies, ladies, ladies! Peep the latest Lipstick model from Burton this year.  The Lipstick is the perfect deck for any girl that loves to ride and is in need of an upgrade!  It’s Flat-top technology makes this one of the most versatile boards on the market.  If you love to just cruise and maybe dabble in the park, then keep an eye on the Lipstick!  Lexa ESTs are some of the most comfortable bindings made for women.  Lots of cushion but plenty of support! The Mint Boot is one of our best selling women’s boots every year.  Every girl that puts it on finds it comfortable and usually doesn’t want to take them off!

Burton Social


The Burton Social is a great board for a beginner or any chick that loves to ride the park! It’s V-Rocker technology give the board tons of flex while staying catch-free and making the ride much easier.  Not to mention the great colors on the graphic, you’ll never lose your board!  Citizen bindings and Mint Boots will provide you with the perfect amount of flex and support, as well as keeping your wallet’s feelings in mind!

Capita Stairmaster

Union Flite/32 86 Fastrack$340/$160/$170

Since Capita’s inception, the Stairmaster has been one of their best-sellers!  It’s name speaks for itself, the ultimate rail/jib/park board!  At a very reasonable price of $340, the Stairmaster will let you take down any feature this year.  No box or rail is too big!  Union’s Flite binding will have you flying high!  One of the lightest bindings they make at a great price point, it will not let you down in the park!  Throw on a pair of the 32 86 Fasttracks and you’re set to go.  The vulcanized sole on these will give you superior feel under your feet, perfect for rail riding, jibbing, and that press you’ve been working on the last couple years!

Capita Horrorscope

Union Contact/32 JP Walker Light$370/$180/$190

The Horrorscope was introduced as a late season model a few years back and ever since then it has been on of our most requested boards.  With it’s soft flex and flat-kick technology, this deck will shred any park, but also kills it in the backcountry!  Step-up to a Union Contact for a little more support and some extra cushioning and you’ve got a great ride! JP’s new boot for 32 this year is not going to last very long on the wall.  Super lightweight and ultra comfortable, these boots will have you shredding like JP in no time!

Capita Totally Fk’n Awesome

Union Contact Pro/32 Lashed$470/$220/$200

Every season the graphics for the Totally Fk’n Awesome get better and better! Who wouldn’t want some swimsuit models on their shred stick?  Not only are the graphics great, but the Totally Fk’n Awesome is one of the most diverse models in Capita’s lineup.  A freestyle machine with the flex and ride of an all-mountain deck, this puppy will have you killing any mountain you hit this year.  Union’s Contact Pro will give you the lightness that you desire while still offering more support than it’s younger brother the Contact.  The 32 Lashed is no-brainer for most.  It’s the perfect boot for going everywhere and doing anything!